Anne and I really want to thank you for all of your patience over the years with us and our desire to find the perfect home for our family. We realize that we put you through a lot looking in so many different areas. Do you realize that it was exactly one year ago, Memorial Weekend of 2016, that we took possession of our dream home in Clovis?

We never would have been able to find it without you and all of your tireless hours of dedication. We have come to call you our friend, rather than our realtor. You invited us into your home, and we saw many areas in, and around, North Fork, that we never would have known about. 

We now live in a beautiful home with perfect facilities for all of our animals in an incredible community. We have all of the shopping amenities and the best schools and a very safe place to live- all of the things that we asked you to find for us.

We would recommend to anyone looking for a home anywhere in the Fresno area, and especially those looking for a ranch home for their animals, to rely on you to find it for them. We thank the Lord, and also thank you, every single day for our dream home.

Please feel free to use our family as a reference any time and please also feel free to drop by and walk right in. The door is always open for you, our friend.

Richard and Anne