The prime time to move is rapidly approching as school will be opening around the country very soon.  There are lots of very fine homes on the market.  And the sellers understand that the season for selling is coming to a close.  So if ever you were considering making offers with an attempt to make a good buy this is a great time.  As time moves towards the cooler months the inventory of available properties will shrink.  Its alway a good time to buy, but having a good selection of inventory is always nice.  

Families like to move for the most part between June and September, the rest of the year home sales are slower.  Not stoped but slower.  September to November is a good market but towards the middle to the end of Novemeber the Holiday's begin to impact the real estate market.  December and January are just plain slow.  Our minds seam to be in other places.  February  and March begin the year anew.  Of course the nice thing about the spring is every thing is green here in CA.  It is truley a beautiful place to live.