Wow its been a great year so far.  Real Estate is selling well.  Its not a buyer  or a sellers market, its just a good market.  If your home or property is price fairly it will sell.  If your looking for a horse property there a good chance you'll find one you'll like.  

You have a much better chance of getting your price if property looks good. Your home is very clean and the landscaped well always helps also.  Often when buyers are looking for horse properties the land is the most important, the facilities a close second and the home a distant third.  Buyers seam to concern themselves less with the things that they can change and even less with the things that affect them and not the horses.  The land can't be changed.  So terrain, location and water are at the top of the list of things to consider.  You as a seller really can't change these except when you buy the property.  The second would be the facilities, these would be the Fencing, Arena's - Round Pens, Barns ect.  These are important because the purchaser for the most part  has to move there animals when the transaction closes.  So they really don't have the ability to quickly improve or repair the facilities prior to moving there livestock.  So if you planning on selling make sure your facilities are safe and in good repair. The last and final major consideration for a purchaser would be the home.  If money is an issue and it normally is, the home is not the highest on anyone's list.  It is the one thing that most country folks and horse people especially are the least concerned with.  But then if you home is not up dated and clean and ready for sale your not going to get every dollar out of the home. I know we live in the country, I know we have dust and lots of dirt, horse and animal droppings. Clean it up.. dust your home, sweep the floors and clean the windows. Make it ready for presentation all the time.  

Pictures are worth a 1000 words, I'm sure every one has heard.  But it's true, make sure you have good photos. And lots of them ( Photo's I mean) good one's bad ones or just photos.   Video would be helpful.  Horse properties are for the most part large and a video would make a great on line tour.  Give your potential buyer a prospective of the size and lay out of the property.

Really the thing to remember is if your a seller make your presentation as nice as possible.  If your a buyer remember its not the sellers job to provide you a new home unless it's a new home.